Retro Recycling

Ellie Grace Photography

Of course, I must include the first official commission on a vintage dress. Catherine bought her charity shop find to me to add a touch of Gothic to.

The gown when it arrived…
After many hours of work…
On Catherine’s big day photo by Orange Lemur Photography featured on

AND finally…

Here is an early one, but still one of my favourites. 1970s with a lot of damage that I was able to bring up to date. I particularly like the fact that you can see that, with a few tweaks, a gown (and model, the lovely Sophie in the first 2 images) can be both Boho and Gothic.

1970s vintage gown with damage to sleeves and an unflattering neckline.

The same dress with new sleeves and new neckline image by Natalie Pluck Photography
And again with a green ombre hem…( phone photo by me)
and again with extra colours added, and a belt and an ombre veil.

So, I’ll love you and leave you for another week. Don’t forget to stay safe and ALERT! 😜

Watch this space for next weeks lockdown creation. My challenge is to find a way to colour non-sheer synthetics successfully… Wish me luck!

Love from Bex and the team xx