“As soon as you mention weddings the price goes up” – true or false?

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Here are some of the responses:
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Its not often than things make me so incandescently mad that i have to put them straight immediately!
But this is one of those times.
Anything you book for your wedding will have a different price than the same or similar service if its not for a wedding.
If you have a dress made for a party will you spend up to 3 years talking to me, exchange often 50 to 150 messages, spend hours choosing fabrics and designs. Have 4 to 6 fittings??
Probably not? Thats why a bespoke wedding dress costs what it does, not because it has wedding in the title!
If you are having your hair done for a party or a night out, will you want to have one or more trials, will you want to exchange dozens of messages about your hair and wedding vibe, have a trial possibly with your hair accessory in? Will it need to stay looking fabulous for up to 16 hours?
Probably not, thats why wedding hair costs more, because its more difficult, takes more consideration and communication not because it has the word wedding in it!
If you are having make up for a party or event, will you want the same amount of skill, communication and attention to detail as mentioned above for hair? Probably not! Will it need to cope with different lightning, day and night, flash and no flash, will it Need to last 16 hours??
Thats why it costs more, not because it begins with Bridal!
The same goes for your food, your photographer, your styling. All have to be meticulously planned, it’s probably the most photographed , most important event you will ever plan and be part of.
Shame on you bride book!!😡
Who , do not forget provide a service to couples which is entirely funded by those suppliers they are asking their readers to lie to.🤯
Thanks to Plaits And Pin Curls – Award Winning Bridal Hair Plaits And Pin Curls – Award Winning Bridal Hairfor raising this, as i don’t use Bridebook so didn’t see it.
Absolutely disgusting behaviour.
Thankfully all my clients recognise the value and expertise a skilled wedding professional brings.🥰
Bridebook – The No.1 Wedding Planning App
I strongly suggest you have a word with yourselves!!