Only in the darkness can you see the stars

I thought this was a very apt title. As we approach week seven million and fifty three of lockdown,  is it just me that feels it’s been that long…?

There is something rather magical about the stars. I find it rather mind-blowing to get my head around the fact that many are so old and far away and it’s taken so long for their light to reach us that they have long burnt away. We are effectively looking at a memory. How magical is that? I love the moon as well, especially a full moon, when it hangs like a shiny ten pence in the sky. As a child, I felt I could just reach up and take in my hand.

Anyway, this blog is not just me rambling on about stars and moons and how long they have been there. I would like, however, to take this moment to digress and mention star signs. I am mightily peeved to reach the long awaited May 2020, which I had carefully orchestrated (OK – that’s a stretch – it was a fluke…)

    • My son Rowan would turn 13 on the 12th (yep, we await the switch to Kevin the teenager)
    • I would turn 50 (no I can’t believe it either!) on the 28th
    • My daughter Rhianna would turn 16 on the 29th!

An amazing month of celebration, with parties galore (also my Mum is 73 on the 11th and my late sister Fleur has her celestial party wherever she is for her 46th on the 27th) So, as you can imagine a certain party pooper called Covid was not on my list of favourite guests! We all have Amazon wish lists and I’m pretty damn sure a pandemic is not on there! But I’m going to be 50 until 27th May 2021 so i will have that party! Anyway I digress. On with the stars!

A couple of years ago I met a lovely bride to be called Linzi who was to marry her partner Graham. I have rarely met a more wonderful client, so full of joy. together, we designed an ombre dress,which was quite full and which was to have an ivory star topper. During the dress journey, Linzi’s health took a turn for the worse and she had to change her wedding plans. She knew she might possibly be in a wheelchair and would definitely have a stick. She wanted a more slimline dress that she could easily manage, but she refused to give up her stars and that little bit of extra! So, as if by magic, she found some starry fabric and, using that and a version of my Rhianna Cape, the Linzistar Cape was born! It’s become one of our bestsellers; celestial themed weddings have become really popular , which I’m really pleased about because I simply love stars! I used to doodle stars over everything when I was a child, so being able to source fabrics with stars is fabulous.

Here are Linzi and Graham on their big day captured by featured in Rock n Rollbride Magazine.

We now do the Linzistar in many colours: ivory with silver and gold (when I can get the fabric as it’s like gold dust, or should that be stardust?), ivory with gold, champagne with gold, ivory with pink and lilac, pink with pink and lilac, midnight blue with silver and finally simple ivory on ivory for the more sedate star lovers.

About a year ago a colleague of mine Nicola from Not so Average Wedding challenged me to make a star dress for the cover of her new magazine The Alternative Wedding Magazine and so the Rowan dress cosmic version was created, and modelled on one of my favourite places Marsden Beach. Photo by You can buy this magazine here

Every week I have a virtual coffee morning hosted by the wonderful Linzi Barford from and I rashly make a promise to Linzi and the other virtual novelty mug tea drinking wedding suppliers who drop in and keep me sane, to make something each week. Last week brought you the Pink starry Andromeda dress, this week I bring you Starlight Rowan available on etsy. Looking fabulous in the sunlight, and in artificial light, so you can imagine what you would look like twinkling on your big day.

I managed an impromptu photo shoot on my own in the Studio carpark, and the mannequins were all well behaved and tried to social distance, but then remembered as they were all headless it was fine to cluster together for photos. I’m hoping I have a queue like this when I reopen 🀣

I’ve pulled together a selection of images of Linzistar and Rowan for you to enjoy. I’ve credited the photographer, BUT there is an awesome team behind every image.  I could not supply you with such beautiful images without all the amazing suppliers I have been privileged to work with. Please contact me if you like what you see and I can point you to the full team behind each image.πŸ–€

Tonight, go outside with a rug, lie down and stare at the stars and the moon –  really stare. In a time of uncertainty like this its great to have something beautiful and timeless to gaze upon. If you live near the sea, even better…

Enjoy these images. Until next time, love from Bexbrides and Eclecticbrides team: Bex , Marie and Christine ( and behind the scenes Chris my hubby and tech support, Rhianna my often times model and Rowan my ginger tea maker…)Xxx

Love to you all

Bex (aged 49 and 49/52ths…)

These 2 images taken at Arnos Vale by

These 4 photos at Northshire by

The image below was taken just before lockdown at Camp Katur by

This below was taken at Newcastle Castle by

And finally a few more beauties from at Marsden for

Bexbrides and Covid 19


To my wonderful brides to be: in order that we protect you, and make a stand against this virus, we made the hard decision that it was best that we suspended face to face consultations… temporarily! So it was, with a heavy heart and feeling of utter strangeness, that we locked up today. 😷

However rest assured we are well and truly still here for you. We are available by phone, text and messenger. 😘

We can do Skype or Messenger video calls. Pour yourself a glass and spam me with your Pinterest and wedding ideas 🍸🍷

Our Etsy shop is still open and we will be adding more items every week. I’ll finally have time to upcycle all those vintage dresses, ombre a ton of veils and make accessories!

My studio is actually more isolated than my house! Or I will be sewing from home and ombre in my garden! 🦚

Watch this space for Etsy listings. 😍

We have been in touch with all our brides who have had to postpone so far. As for those of you who haven’t yet, do not hesitate to get in touch. Bexbrides Ltd has drawn up a Covid 19 plan to protect everyone who is affected.

We feel your sorrow. I have cried so much this week. Those of you with destination weddings could have floated there on my ocean of tears.

But rest assured, we are not going anywhere (can’t as I have to stay home… but seriously, Bexbrides will be ready and waiting for you when you are able to have your weddings.)

Take care, stay safe.


Bex’s Blogging Dilemma

Reposted from Facebook (


Hi my wonderful followers, friends, family and clients.
Last April I launched my new website, and wrote a blog, I vowed to blog each month.
GUESS WHAT! yep I haven’t πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ.
Honestly I meant to!! But I’ve been so busy ( which is awesome btw!!)
I has a business plan to move my little business more in the direction of me, rather than just being tumbled along by the tidal forces of bridal commerce and a busy life, and it’s been great, I’ve been me!! But my blogging promise got neglected.
I want to blog more, cos you know engagement, analytics, seo and all that nonsense….urgggg.
BUT where to start , what to write about.
I spend at least 30 mins every day answering brides questions in a multitude of bridal groups. So I really want to focus my expertise and knowledge and general waffling towards my followers.
HIT ME with stuff you want to read about.
Ombre ( dip dye effect)
Dressmaking process
Ethical recycling
Foundation garments
How I design
What inspires me
What I do in my spare time
How to avoid dress disasters
How to find your perfect dress shape
How to accessorise your dress
To veil or not to veil

You see my dilemma , and all the while I’m trying to decide what you might like to read about my head is popping out designs and thinking of ways to redesign 50 year old dresses ( of the 200 I have!!! In my vintage room)
Meeting clients ,planning photo shoots , designing clients dresses, talking to clients ( conversations can run to hundreds of replies back and forth)
Managing 3 Facebook pages, Instagram and whats app. Email and my website. Plus of course actual SEWING! steaming, beading.
And bloody admin ( yak!!)

SO COME AT ME!! what do you want to see more of, hear about, read about??
I feel so bad that I failed to keep my blogging promise, in my defence my work has been blogged dozens of times in the last year which gave me a little get out of jail free card. But I feel I owe you all something of me.

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